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Jennifer Wills, founder of JDW Writing, is a freelance writer based in Milwaukee. She enjoys writing grant proposals for nonprofit organizations, articles and blog posts for for-profit companies, and e-books for fun.

After investing over 11 years as a financial coach, Jennifer decided to pursue her lifelong passion of writing. Beginning as a volunteer grant proposal writer in 2014, Jennifer quickly gained a client base. After the first year, she began getting paid for her services. Jennifer is excited to work with many nonprofit organizations in her hometown of West Bend, Wisconsin, as well as the Greater Milwaukee area, and give back to the local community. She shared her experiences in a self-published e-book How I Became a Rock-Star Grant Proposal Writer and You Can Too! available from Amazon.

In 2015, Jennifer decided to expand her services and write on a full-time basis. She began writing weekly blog posts for staffing industry clients of Haley Marketing Services before adding bi-monthly articles to the mix. Topics include finance, accounting, HR, business, manufacturing, IT, engineering, and property management. Because of Jennifer’s finance background, she has written articles and definitions for Investopedia and writes articles and blog posts about cryptocurrency, finance, and compliance for clients of Presto Media.

When Jennifer moved to a historic mansion on the East Side of Milwaukee in 2018, other than knowing it would be a fun experience, she had no idea what was in store for her. Jennifer ended up being trapped twice by her home, dealing with wild animal invasions, and having the police and firefighters show up more than once. Jennifer shared her new normal in her self-published e-book Adventures on the Lower East Side! available from Amazon.

Jennifer is proud of the fact that the majority of her clients come from referrals. She knows that word- of-mouth is the most effective way to form relationships, fill long-term business needs, and build lifelong friendships.

When Jennifer is not writing, she enjoys new restaurants, theater, art, live music, and traveling the world.


How I Became a Rock-Star Grant Proposal and You Can Too!
Adventures on the Lower East Side!