• Increase Search Engine Traffic
Blogging adds more fresh content and more pages to your website. Search engines index those pages from your domain and rank your website higher, which increases traffic to your website. In addition, the more blog posts and pages you have on your website, the longer potential customers or job candidates spend viewing the information you provide them. The longer they spend on your website, the greater the chances of turning them into new customers or interviewees. This increases your conversion rate and improves your overall bottom line.

• Make Your Brand People-Centered
When your blog discusses topics concerning your target audience, you help build trust and increase the likeability of your brand. When current and potential customers and employees see how you provide additional value to them, they’re more likely to conduct business with you, which increases your bottom line.

• Enhance Your Social Media
Posting unique, high-quality content on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media sites helps direct leads to your business. Your followers enjoy reposting value-centered information for their own followers. This increases your company’s exposure to new customers and potential hires. Sharing your company’s blog posts on social media drives traffic to your website and increases conversion rates. You’ll increase your contact list for email campaigns and other opportunities to increase your business, which grows your bottom line.

• Build Authority in Your Industry
Your blog helps establish your company as an expert in the industry by providing a way of sharing related information and insights into what matters most to your customers and employees. Increasing your image as an authority in your line of work increases familiarity and trust, which helps your business become foremost in the minds of potential customers and employees. Because you provided value simply by having potential customers and employees visit your website, they’re more likely to do business with or want to work for you.

• Differentiate Yourself from Competitors
Blogging separates your business from all the others in the industry. When you provide potential customers and employees additional value simply by visiting your website, you build their trust, your overall volume of business, and ultimately, your bottom line.

Adding a blog to your website can be done with a small budget, helping you compete with bigger companies while increasing your rate of return exponentially. Give yourself a competitive advantage by reaching out to me today for more information about my blogging services.

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Jennifer Wills